What people are saying about Proof-Ed

Holidays with Music has used the services of Sarah as a proofreader for some years now and find her work faultless. Her attention to detail and subject research is very impressive. We use a lot of complicated musical terms which she has no trouble in understanding. She is a joy to work with and being a person of the highest integrity, I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”
– John Whibley (Holidays with Music, UK)

“I am not a good proofreader of my own work and have been dependent on Sarah’s brilliance for the past few years. Not only is she the best proofreader I have known in terms of picking up typos etc., she has also helped me improve the clarity of sentences and thus my arguments. This has been noticed by publishers who have praised the presentation of my manuscripts—and I owe this praise to Sarah’s eagle eyes! Because of her remarkable ability and her consistent reliability in turning work around on time, she is one of the two proofreaders we have used for the major online and ongoing project, the Critical Dictionary of Apocalypticism and Millenarianism. The added bonus is that she is always friendly and engaging. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
– Professor James Crossley, Professor of Bible, Society and Politics (St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and CenSAMM, UK)

“I was referred to Proof-Ed by a colleague at work as I was looking for someone to proofread my journal article. Sarah improved my text without changing the essence of my personal style of writing. She was highly professional, accessible, and thorough. My publisher was quite pleased with my manuscript. I certainly plan to continue using Proof-Ed services.”
– Dr. Blaženka Scheuer, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies (Lund University, Sweden)

“We are the guilty men — authors of Jews: Nearly Everything You Wanted to Know* *but were too afraid to ask — and it is thanks to Sarah that the book has finally appeared, without our many grammatical infelicities, Dan’s curious rabbinical (American?) mis-spellings and Peter’s yen for the oddicities in words and sentential constructions. Sarah is meticulous. Not merely did Sarah have to handle the complexities of illustrations and boxed jokes, scattered throughout the text, she also needed to contend with Peter’s frequent ‘last minute’ revisions and Dan’s worries and enquiries. All was dealt with splendidly, with humour, calmness and efficiency — and friendship. We each — and jointly — have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for proof-reading and related labours. It is a great pleasure to work with her.”
– Peter Cave, Philosopher (New York University, London, and The Open University, London)
– Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Professor Emeritus of Judaism (University of Wales) https://dancohnsherbok.com

“Sarah proofread my doctoral dissertation which was large (100k words) and its text was complicated (its English was interwoven with texts in three ancient and three modern languages!), yet she managed to deliver the job timely and efficiently. I returned back to her for an article and, again, she managed to send it back within the tight deadline I gave her, and with expected quality. I would certainly recommend her!”
– Mina Monier, Postdoctoral Researcher in the New Testament and Digital Humanities (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne)

“Sarah is one of the friendliest, most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I read Sarah’s sample edit I was immediately impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail, and throughout the project the standard of her work remained consistently high. The result is a manuscript that I am proud of and feel confident putting into the hands of readers. If I’m in need of an editor or proofreader for future projects, I won’t hesitate to contact Sarah.”
– Steven Colborne, Philosopher and Author of God’s Grand Game

“Sarah has proof-read two articles for me and I am very happy with her work, which is thorough, prompt and professional. I also appreciate her great sense of context and detail. Sarah is very skilled in keeping the balance of correcting and fine-tuning the language without removing the way I express myself in writing. I will definitely keep working with Sarah.”
– Paul Linjamaa, PhD candidate, History of Religions (Lund University, Sweden)

“Ms. Sarah Hussell has been of great professional help to me in getting an article proof-read and edited. I was in a hurry and I am thankful that she, in a very friendly way, was able to take me on immediately so that I could meet my deadline. Her comments on my text were helpful to me and I would definitely recommend her to others!”
– Erica Appelros, Associate Professor in Philosophy of Religion (Lund University, Sweden)

“From catching grammatical errors or missing information in footnotes to providing helpful recommendations on how to improve my writing style or clarify my argument, I am grateful for Sarah’s careful attention to detail as she read over my PhD dissertation. I would not have been fully prepared to submit my dissertation for my Viva, much less as a monograph for publication, without Sarah’s editorial assistance.”
– Dr Michael J. Kok, Lecturer in New Testament (Vose Seminary, Australia)

“Sarah clarified obscurities, helped me to avoid improper wordings, and corrected what I had got wrong. She did this in a friendly and timely manner. I have recommended her to my exegetical colleagues and definitely know where to turn if I am to publish in English again.”
– Rev Dr Magnus Evertsson, New Testament Studies (Lund University, Sweden)

“Proof-Ed provided efficient service in helping me with my text. I am used to writing in English, but as a foreigner there are some things you miss that could improve your writing. Sarah added these details and assisted me on rephrasing my work, so it could have a more fluent and native-like English; thus the argumentation built in the article became clearer to the reader. I am very impressed by the quality of the service and intend to use Proof-Ed for my future projects.”
– Ana Carolina Torquato, MA, Crossways in Cultural Narratives (Erasmus Mundus, Brazil)