What people are saying about Proof-Ed

“I approached Sarah (Proof-Ed) as my organisation was releasing our first ever book and we wanted this to be proofed beforehand. From the outset Sarah was great to work with, with very quick and detailed responses to all of our enquiries (we had a lot with it being out first publication). She was patient and explained anything we wanted to know. Equally Sarah would ask us questions to ensure she helped as much as she could. A fee was agreed upfront which was fantastic as we weren’t hit with extra or additional charges. She provided us with a deadline for her to have the word done and in fact she was ahead of schedule. The work she did was exceptional to the point whereby we offered to pay more than her original quote for the service she provided.”
– Rory K. Paddock (MD at PicksfromthePaddock.co.uk)

“Sarah has proof-read two articles for me and I am very happy with her work, which is thorough, prompt and professional. I also appreciate her great sense of context and detail. Sarah is very skilled in keeping the balance of correcting and fine-tuning the language without removing the way I express myself in writing. I will definitely keep working with Sarah.”
– Paul Linjamaa, PhD candidate, History of Religions (Lund University, Sweden)

“Ms. Sarah Hussell has been of great professional help to me in getting an article proof-read and edited. I was in a hurry and I am thankful that she, in a very friendly way, was able to take me on immediately so that I could meet my deadline. Her comments on my text were helpful to me and I would definitely recommend her to others!”
– Erica Appelros, Associate Professor in Philosophy of Religion (Lund University, Sweden)

“I am not a particularly good proof-reader of my own work and I have had to rely on friends to look over my work for typos and unclear sentences. I found that Sarah’s proofreading was superb and she found mistakes that excellent proof-readers had missed. I was particularly impressed by corrections found in seemingly obscure footnotes. Since she proofread my work, I have received compliments from a major publisher about how impressive the presentation of my manuscript was.”
– Professor James Crossley, School of English (University of Sheffield, UK)

“I was referred to Proof-Ed by a colleague at work as I was looking for someone to proofread my journal article. Sarah improved my text without changing the essence of my personal style of writing. She was highly professional, accessible, and thorough. My publisher was quite pleased with my manuscript. I certainly plan to continue using Proof-Ed services”
– Dr. Blaženka Scheuer, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies (Lund University, Sweden)

“From catching grammatical errors or missing information in footnotes to providing helpful recommendations on how to improve my writing style or clarify my argument, I am grateful for Sarah’s careful attention to detail as she read over my PhD dissertation. I would not have been fully prepared to submit my dissertation for my Viva, much less as a monograph for publication, without Sarah’s editorial assistance.”
– Dr Michael J. Kok, PhD in Biblical Studies (University of Sheffield, UK)

“Sarah provided quick, friendly and high-quality service, and helped us to create professional and clear content for our new website. She was very easy to contact to discuss changes and any queries we had. Sarah made an effort to understand the context of our writing and the nuances of musical language and was not hesitant to ask us about certain terminology before she sent us the final proofs. Thanks Sarah!”
Honk! Saxophone Duo (Huddersfield and North West, UK)

“I was a mature student returning to education and had never written an assignment in my life. Sarah proof read the majority of my essays and really helped me to understand how to make my arguments clearer, as well as giving me confidence in structuring my work and referencing other’s work which I had not previously done. Sarah’s proof reading expertise helped me to achieve high firsts in all of my assignments and go on to achieve my dream job as a mental health nurse. Highly recommend her!”
– Claire Terry, Mental Health Nursing, (University of Manchester, UK)

“Proof-Ed provided efficient service in helping me with my text. I am used to writing in English, but as a foreigner there are some things you miss that could improve your writing. Sarah added these details and assisted me on rephrasing my work, so it could have a more fluent and native-like English; thus the argumentation built in the article became clearer to the reader. I am very impressed by the quality of the service and intend to use Proof-Ed for my future projects.”
– Ana Carolina Torquato, MA, Crossways in Cultural Narratives, (Erasmus Mundus, Brazil)

“I happened to meet Sarah at a conference and asked her if she knew anyone who could check the English of my thesis’ Summary. As the dissertation is in Swedish I haven’t practised academic writing in English much. She turned out herself to be the one I needed. Sarah clarified obscurities, helped me to avoid improper wordings, and corrected what I had got wrong. She did this in a friendly and timely manner. I have recommended her to my exegetical colleagues and definitely know where to turn if I am to publish in English again.”
– Rev Dr Magnus Evertsson, New Testament Studies (Lund University, Sweden)