Proof-Ed is feeling official – at last!

After ten working days of Proof-Ed being in the ‘public’ eye (well, shared on Facebook and on a few friends’ blogs!), I just wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone for the well-wishes, the ‘likes’, the link shares and the kind reviews that I have been receiving. For those of you who are reading this but have not visited the Proof-Ed Facebook page, please do so (, and give me a ‘Like’. You’ll be able to see any updates I post and I will be very pleased to see who has been taking a look at the website – even if they are just showing polite interest!

For those of you who have asked, Proof-Ed seems to have had a good flutter of interest since the website launched last week, and I am feeling confident that this will be a successful business-venture for me. 

With huge thanks and best wishes to all,

Sarah @ Proof-Ed.