An update from the last month

I thought I would write a short update to let any interested parties (or people who are at work and procrastinating in any way they can find!) know what I have been up to regarding Proof-Ed over the last few weeks.

September saw me receive a very exciting delivery in the form of a previous customer’s published thesis all the way from Sweden. It is the first book that I have received from a customer who has used Proof-Ed’s services, and it was a little proud moment for me. The book is a lovely hardback copy which has been signed just for me. My congratulations are sent to Magnus Evertsson! Just to clarify though, I only proofread the English section…not the Swedish text! Sadly that is far beyond my capability!

I have also been choosing some business cards to help me promote Proof-Ed a little more and these are going to be ordered over the weekend. As expected, the excitement caused by the launch of my website (if that is not too grand a description) has now died down but I am pleased to say that I am still getting a few hits each day and I’ve had a few enquiries too. Nevertheless, I am hoping to advertise my services a little more and hopefully get a few more jobs over the coming months. If you would like any of the business cards I am going to order, do let me know! My website has almost had 1000 views since I started it and I am pretty pleased with that.

I am looking forward to receiving some work from PhD students at the University of Lund this month. I have had a little flurry of interest from Scandinavia which is fantastic! I am also planning to start an indexing service which I will be kicking off this month for a Canadian customer (and friend!) and, having heard her present last month, I am already excited about reading a PhD thesis for a student in Sheffield in the new year.

Thanks for all of the support, the new ‘likes’ on facebook ( and the encouragement I have received from you all! It is much appreciated.

With best wishes,